Insecure devices

Unauthorized Android devices

Some phones, tablets and devices in general have not passed the Ballas Player security tests and have security problems. According to Copy Protection International, this problem or security problems constitute an unsafe environment for Ballas Player to run.

The devices that do not pass Ballas Player's security tests are unauthorized devices that have had the Android operating system installed or modified regardless of Google's rules and regulations..

These devices are manufactured or modified for various reasons such as lack of access to the Android market in a geographical region or a country, selling at a lower price, using invalid versions of the Android operating system, installing an invalid game or software, etc. These devices may cause security problems, invalidity of programs and software problems, this means that; Worms, viruses, spyware and trojans can infect unauthorized devices.

If your device is unauthorized, there are several ways this type of malware can get into your device: drive-to-drive downloads, malicious links, infected apps you download from untrusted app stores. They can control your phone and work secretly.

How do I know if my device is unauthorized?

One of the suitable tools for testing unauthorized Android devices is the use of the SafetyNet Test application (explanation that this test is only one of the security tests of Balas software lock or Balas Player and passing it completely means passing all tests It is not security), to start the test you must first download and install this application on your phone

SafetyNet Test application download link (Google Play)

Download link of SafetyNet Test application (Developer of Ballas Player: Copy Protection International Company)

After installing the SafetyNet software, touch the run test button


If the result of SafetyNet Test on your device is Passed, your phone or tablet has passed this test :


If the result of the SafetyNet Test on your device is Failed, then your phone or tablet is an unauthorized Android device:


If my device is unauthorized, how can I install Ballas Player?

If your phone or tablet is an unauthorized Android device, you can download Ballas Player from the official website of Copy Protection International and install it on your computer or another authorized Android device.

Now we will mention the reasons for not passing the SafetyNet Test and the solution to fix the problem. Explain that after doing the solution, you must contact the support unit so that they remove your device from the black list, then you can use Ballas Player on the device. Use it yourself.

1- Your device is not the original or original device (for example, it may be a copied Chinese version of the Samsung device). Solution If your device is not original or original and is fake, unfortunately, you have no other solution but to install Ballas Player on another original device.

2- Your device is not a recognized device. (The brand of your device is an unknown and invalid brand, for example, tablets with different unknown brands and generally made in China) Solution: If the device is of an unknown and invalid brand, unfortunately, there is no solution except installing Ballas Player on You don't have another original device with a reputable brand.

3- Your device is rooted (Root means that your device has access that is more than allowed and normally a normal phone does not have this access) Solution: If you are sure that your device is rooted, remove it from Remove root mode, if you don't know how to do this, you can go to mobile repair and ask them to remove your phone from root mode or flash it to the original version of Android (original ROM) or do it yourself. Do it, note that factory reset does not work in this case!.

4- Your device does not have the original Android operating system (you may have flashed your device and installed a non-original Android operating system on it) Solution: Go to mobile repair and request to update your phone to the original version of the operating system Flash Android (original ROM) or do it yourself, note that Factory Reset does not work in this case!.

5 -Your device is not a real device, for example, it is an emulator of the Android operating system (Emulator) that is installed on an iPhone or a computer. Solution: Ballas Player does not allow running in the emulator of the Android operating system (Emulator). So, if your device is not physical or real, there is no solution to run Ballas Player on it, and you must use a real Android device.

6- Your device is out of standard factory mode by other methods. Solution: Factory Reset your device first. If you still have problems, the fourth solution also works for this case.