Terms and Conditions

According to the definitions of Copy Protection International Ltd, a “CUSTOMER” is a natural or legal person who has purchased a product or products of this company and uses the products and services in accordance with the terms and conditions between us to protect its products
According to the definitions of Copy Protection International Ltd, the “END USER” is a person who uses products that protected by the customer, or in other words, the end users are the customers of our customers
In all sections, the meaning of “COMPANY” is Copy Protection International Ltd
The company's obligations to customers
  1. The customer can use all the facilities of the customer portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if the customer's portal is not blocked due to violations of company laws and debt, as well as the stability of the Internet infrastructure in customer's country
  2. All customers can upgrade their product to a higher class by paying the difference between the current price of the current class and the higher class. It is not possible to downgrade
  3. To enter the customer portal and encryption, the customer must use the toolkit and cryptographic producer. This software is delivered to the customer and installed on their computers after purchasing the product. It is noteworthy that if needed, customers of Class C on two devices, Class B on three devices and Class A on four can request the software installation. This request will be reviewed by the head office and if approved you can take advantage of this opportunity by paying the approved fee./
  4. After encryption with SSL connection, the content that encrypted by the toolbox will be uploaded and stored to the company's dedicated servers and the cost of this maintenance will be calculated according to the approved rate./
  5. The company does not impose any hidden costs on its customers. All costs that the customer must pay included the initial cost of purchasing the product, the cost of consumables services and products including keys, licenses and approved costs according to the table mentioned at the end of the letter of terms and conditions agreement. Coercive incidents or new changes in the field of information technology in which the company has no role, including new operating systems, changes in hardware, communication infrastructure and etc are excluded from this case./
  6. If a successful cyber attack (hack and crack) is performed on any of the security layers of the company's products, the security layers of the desired product will be repaired and updated online./
  7. The player of encrypted content is made by Copy Protection International Ltd and the company's name and logo are displayed on the player. Customers' logos will also be display in the player as products. The encrypted content will be added to the player by the QR Code or license as costumer's product./
  8. End users who do not have a valid license or whose license has expired will not be included in any of the services of the company./
  9. The company delivers tested and reliable products to customersو but in case of problems with encryption or end users' problems who have a valid license, such as incorrect execution of encrypted products on their devices, the customer can use the following methods to support them: • hour of free support for customer after purchasing the product and answering questions or remote connection if necessary./ • Sending tickets: Answers of tickets can be seen in the customer portal up to 24 hours later, if it is sent during working days. Only some necessary tickets will be notified via email or text message at the discretion of the backup./ • Free supporting customer by help desk software and ticketing system during working days./ • Supporting by level two support as a technical support for customers and their end users, if the customers or their end users problems are not solved at the discretion of level one experts. This connection is only possible on certain days of the week and during working hours and will require coordination and prior appointment./
  10. The company makes every effort to keep the rules, terms and conditions and prices of the products and services constant for at least one year and if possible. However, if Copy Protection International Ltd has to change any of the above, the customers are required to comply with the new rules for themselves and their end users./
  11. Maximum security is created for the customer's encrypted products if the company's updated products and all security layers are used correctly. But the possibility of a successful attack on the customer's encrypted products does not reach zero percent, Instead, sales of encrypted products will increase./
  12. All customers who buy the products of the company have 7 days for money back If the customer announces during the 7-day test period that the purchased product is not compatible with their product for encryption, the company's support team will be responsible to investigate this matter. If the support team agrees with the customer, the customer can request to refund and is free to buy the company's products in the future. However, if the customer requests a refund for non-technical reasons, he will not be able to purchase any of the company's products anywhere in all over the world in the future. In any case, the customer will be refunded in full. But after a period of 7 days, no refund will be accepted in any way./
  13. The company will adhere to the laws and legal notices of competent authorities that have addressed the personnel, customers and end users of this company in the land, sea and air territory of the country of their nationality./
  14. The employees of the company are obliged to treat the customers with full respect and answer their questions, and there is a reasonable expectation from the customers as well. If the company's employees have an inappropriate attitude, the management will deal with them severely and the customer will be apologized in writing. If customers do not observe etiquette and politeness and use insulting and vulgar words, ten days for the first time and if repeated forty days for the second time and if this continues for the third time, all customer services and products will be blocked without refund and the customer will be deprived of any right to complain and object and the company is not responsible for any possible losses of the customer. Also, this customer will not allowed to repurchase none of the company's products no longer./
The customers' obligations to the company
  1. Under no circumstances, the customers are not allowed to reveal or publish the names of other customers of the company (if is informed in any way) and all information including the text of correspondence, encryption products, service packs, update packages, tutorial videos, guide files and etc to another natural or legal person in cyberspace or the Internet for any reason or title./
  2. Under no circumstances, the customers are not allowed to use any encryption products or services, players, toolkit or any products and services provided in military and security centers, nuclear facilities, navigation systems or communications and air traffic control./
  3. Intentionally or inadvertently, under no circumstances, the customers are not allowed to make changes or add any virus, computer worm or malware to the encryption products or services, service packs, update packages, players, toolkit or any products and services provided./
  4. Intentionally or inadvertently, under no circumstances, the customers are not allowed to provide or publish the encrypted products, encryption products and services, service packs, update packages, customer portal information, players, toolkit and licenses, on the hacking and cracking websites, channels, pages, platforms or any related spaces./
  5. In no way the customers are not allowed to use none of the company's products and services to encrypt the other natural or legal persons' products, and there must be a clear relationship between encrypted products and the subject of the customer's activity./
  6. until the end of their licenses lifetime, in no case the customers are not allowed to encrypt their products those have been encrypted by the products or services of Copy Protection International Ltd, with the encryption services and products of other companies./
  7. In no way the customers are not allowed to make agreement or sell none rights of the purchased product, software and services to another natural or legal person without coordination with the company and paying the approved fee./
  8. The customers are obliged to take responsibility for encrypting and supporting end users of their companies by themselves, and register a responsible technical person for these matters in the personnel information section of their customer portal./
  9. Support for the end users of each customers will be the sole responsibility of customers or their responsible technical persons
  10. The customers are obliged to read and watch the customer portal guide videos, the training video and the complete encryption guide in details carefully, before start to use products and services. Obviously, the customer will be responsible for any possible damages to the customer because of any delay in reading and watching the product guide./