Terms of Use

BALAS Player

  1. The end user undertakes to use BALAS Player in accordance with the rules and regulations of Copy Protection International Ltd
  2. BALAS Player can be installed and run on Android OS from 5.0 to higher as well as Windows 7 service pack 1 to Windows 11
  3. The end user must be connected to the Internet when using the BALAS Player due to connection to the data centers, update and fix errors instantly. In cases where the end user has difficulty connecting to the Internet for personal, national or global reasons, Copy Protection International Ltd has no responsibility
  4. BALAS Player is updated automatically
  5. The end user must download the BALAS Player only by the company's official website to the URL (www.copyprotection.net) and install it on their cell phone, laptop or computer. Obviously, Copy Protection International Ltd is not responsible for any similar or homonymous applications downloaded from anywhere other than the mentioned address
  6. In the Android and Windows version, activation of the BALAS Player will be possible only through the registered cell phone number on the application
  7. The content in the BALAS Player can be displayed on only one device including computer, laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc, for each license number
  8. The responsibility for maintaining and caring for the license number rests solely with the end user
  9. The end user undertakes to read and watch the user guide available in the BALAS Player completely and carefully
  10. The information stored and inserted by the end user on the application will be deleted if cell phone, laptop or computer lost or stolen
  11. In no way the end user is not allowed to use the BALAS Player and any encrypted content related to that in military and security centers, nuclear facilities, navigation systems or communications and air traffic control
  12. In no way the end user is not allowed to provide the BALAS Player and any encrypted content related to that to hackers and crackers or to publish them on hacking and cracking websites intentionally or inadvertently
  13. In any way if the end user intend to attack to the products, websites and online and offline services of Copy Protection International Ltd (hack and crack), trying to disable the systems and security layers of protected products, using incorrect activation codes or incorrect personal information (such as incorrect identification number, name, surname and cell phone number), the advanced artificial intelligence systems in the products and services have the right to blacklist the offending end user and the device which was an intention to violate or attack. Blocking the end user does not need to obtain any permission from the content seller. The offender will be deprived from using of every product and services of Copy Protection international Ltd in all over the world for fourteen days at first offence and forever if repeated. There is no way back for the offending end user including forgiveness and pledge. Also, the violation will report to law enforcement, judicial and legal authorities. The offending person or persons will be prosecuted, and all material and intellectual rights will be demanded from the offending person or persons.
  14. All end user personal information such as identification number, name, surname and cell phone number are confidential and not given to any natural or legal person. In case of infringement of protection of intellectual property and non-observance of copyright laws, the end user information will be provided to the competent authorities at the request of the legal courts of related government in accordance with the laws
  15. End users who do not have a valid license number or whose license number has expired or been blocked will not be included in any of the services of Copy Protection International Ltd, such as receiving the activation code via text message or the Internet
  16. The Global Positioning System of the end user is received to connect to the nearest data center, player update and language selection
  17. The end users must remove the BALAS Player from their devices including computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc before selling or giving over them to others. Otherwise, the end user is responsible for any of the mentioned violations
  18. The Android version of BALAS Player cannot be run on a device that does not support the Google Play services
  19. The Android version of BALAS Player cannot be supported on manipulated devices including No Brand and Rooted devices
  20. BALAS Player cannot be supported on emulators
  21. This agreement does not give any rights to third parties
  22. Copy Protection International Ltd is not responsible for the cost of purchasing content, revenue, information accuracy, data and contents of protected products and published by all versions of the BALAS Player
  23. End users support is the responsibility of the company or institution that producing and selling the content and Copy Protection International Ltd is not obliged to support end users for free
  24. Copy Protection International may change its services and policies for safer and better services, if necessary. These changes will be notified to the end user in advance
  25. All cases include the end user when the BALAS Player is installed and activated, even after deleting the application
  26. The security mechanisms applied by the BALAS Player are consistent with its nature, so the end user must adapt to the application conditions
  27. The consequences of non-compliance with any of the above are the responsibility of the end user and Copy Protection International Ltd is not responsible for breaking the rules and terms