30 Reasons to choose us

1. The capability of upgrading to higher versions: You could start with the first plan in order to reduce your expenses at first payment, but after a while you can upgrade your plan by paying the price difference. Each choice has some benefits. Entering by the first plan allows you to manage your expenses if you have a newly founded business. The higher plans reduce your expenses on licenses and other services; also cause access to more features and options.

2. Unlimited locking without specialized knowledge: You can do all the locking steps by the toolkit without the need for specialized knowledge in the field of computers with a few simple clicks, indefinitely and protect your products against illegal reproduction on your computer.

3. Digital signature: Your products are equipped with a digital signature after being locked by the toolkit, and if you want to protect the same documents again with the toolkit anywhere in the world, this right is taken away from you.

4. No change in the quality and size of the files: Your products after locking by the toolkit, it will be available to the end user with the same quality and initial size with two strong engines. You can change these engines whenever you need to increase the quality for your end users. After locking, due to no conversion in format and content, loss of quality and change in the resolution of your content will be prevented.

5. No restrictions on the media: After locking your products by the toolkit, you can present them on any media and you can use them in any form, such as CD, DVD, hard drive, flash and downloadable files and deliver to the end user.

6. Has an exclusive player (Balas player): Your products after being locked by the toolkit, they can only be displayed by a exclusive player named Balas Player in Windows and Android. Balas player can play without delay with any internet speed and display locked digital documents in the best way. This player has specialized features such as noting, display speed, etc.

7. Cross Platform: exclusive player (Balas Player) can be used in Windows and Android, end users who use iMac, Mac Book computers can easily install and run Balas Player on their computers by installing Boot Camp and Windows 10, but But end users who use iPhone do not currently have a solution to run Balas Player.

8. Customer portal: You can through the customer portal, manage your products with more than 100 control options after locking, and either buy the license you need or extension your current license. You can also support or block your end users and access the necessary information. This portal does not have any annual or monthly charges for you, and after purchasing the lock, it is available 24 hours a day if the customer has not committed any violations and has signed and sent the relevant terms and conditions once a year.

9. Professional licenses: You can purchase through the customer portal, multi-device licenses for your end users, limited to the number of times of execution or the day of execution and determine the longevity and area used.

10. Full compatibility with ant viruses: Your products after being locked by the toolkit, runs without problems with ant viruses in Windows and Android operating systems and is compatible with all ant viruses.

11. Multilanguage: Toolkit, Balas Player and customer portal are available in English, Farsi, Turkish and Arabic languages.

12. Smart ID Machine: Show locked content, it is done in Balas Player simply And after starting Balas Player once and entering the activation code, there is no need to restart Balas Player.

13. Automatic configuration: By installing Balas Player, the required prerequisites will be installed and the end user's device will be configured automatically, by doing this, any possible error is prevented.

14. Simple and practical user interface: The design of the user interface, Balas Player has been designed according to the latest changes in the field of design, user experience and user interface, and in addition to simplifying the process of working with the software, it provides a pleasant experience. Provides for the customer and the end user.

15. Training videos: You can easily go through the locking process with the training videos and Balas software lock installation guide and product catalog.

16. Experience and strong Work Experience: Copy Protection International has more than 15 years of experience in the field of protection against unauthorized reproduction. For example, Balas software lock has experienced 78 updates and new versions to date.

17. A pioneer in the production of exclusive technologies: Copy Protection International has always been a leader in the production of new and exclusive technologies in the field of digital document protection. When the company introduced the first generation of Capture Curbing technology and used it to protect digital documents from screen capture None of the other manufacturers of security products had this technology and even now they cannot implement this security layer correctly in their security products.

18. General favor: Copy Protection International, With more than 2,200,000 end users and protection of 2,200 products is a testimony to the efficiency and capability of this company.

19. International branches: The head office of Copy Protection International is located in London, England, and its other branch is located in Istanbul, Turkey. both of these branches can respond to customers physically or by phone, or by e-mail or by physical mail, if needed.

20. Continuous update: The security products of Copy Protection International company, such as the Balas software lock, are continuously controlled by the red team and the production and development unit and hackers who cooperate with us in terms of penetration, They are controlled for penetration and are continuously updated if a bug or security problem is found.

21. Artificial intelligence: Balas software lock is equipped with a kind of artificial intelligence, which blocks their access in case of any attempts by end users for intrusion operations with quick detection, and this factor keeps the security percentage of this security product constant.

22. Strong and robust data infrastructure: Copy Protection International supports its products such as Ballas Player in a dedicated data center with the latest servers and equipment and expert staff in Iran and Turkey. This is while the competitors of this company sometimes use shared hosting or finally rented servers. This shows the value that the company attaches to its customers and also shows the professionalism, seriousness and capability of the company in its specialized field.

23. Strong production and development team: The design and development team of Copy Protection International Company is selected from among the best in the field of information technology with university education from the best universities in the world and they are selected as members of the development team after passing very specialized and challenging tests.

24. High security ratio: The security percentage of a software or hardware lock is obtained from the product's resistance to hacking tools, cracks, reverse engineering, and debuggers. For example, the security factor of the Balas software lock in the software security laboratories and the company's red group has been determined to be 96% and it is continuously undergoing penetration testing to keep this security factor constant and can be 96% against hacking attacks and Crack resist.

25. Professional watermark: Balas Player in Windows and Android operating systems is authenticated with the information of end users and can create a watermark. For example, with the activation code, the mobile number of the intended end user is confirmed by SMS all over the world, and customers can display their protected content with the watermark of the end user's information or remove the watermark for a person or product, or determine the location and time of its rotation or stability.

26. Customer support: The support of the company's customers all over the world is done in Farsi, English and Turkish languages. Customers can benefit from the company's support services during working hours by physically being present at the company's branches, or by phone call, or through e-mail or the ticketing system inside their management portal, within a maximum period of 24 hours and on two levels 1 and 2.

27. Support for end users: Customers should support their end users with the help of the tools available in their management portal, including the end user management tool and the error display and description section, by providing a list of predicted errors and providing their solutions. In case of failure, register a ticket for them and their end users will be supported by the company's level 1 and 2 support for free via phone or remote to their device if their license has not expired.

28. Add-on and plug-in for license purchase: It is possible to purchase a license on the customer's website after the sales operation with any programming language.

29. Certificates and licenses: Copy Protection International is an international company registered in England and Turkey which has been operating legally and has obtained all the activity licenses for itself and the products of this company also have the relevant licenses from the competent authorities.

30. Seven days money back guarantee: All customers can return their product to the company within 7 days after purchasing the Balas software lock and get their money back without any cost.